Photoshop makes very fine cosmetic posters

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Product poster production is very exquisite, there are two large methods to deal with: The first is the product image repair, mainly to increase the texture and light sense, and the product processing beautiful; Then the poster part of the creative, according to their own design ideas to add the appropriate background and decoration, enhance the overall effect.
Final effect

1, Product repair map:

The revision is not advanced, we only need to grasp the photographic soul light and light, the product natural vivid have details and texture. and the product of light and shadow in the original image has been told us. We only need to strengthen the contrast and the light and shade of the transition.

2, the original image is more gray, the meaning of the gray is dark enough, not bright enough, contrast is not obvious. After the color, it is easier to observe the shading effect of the picture. You can build an observation group above the layer and use a gradient to map the color.

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