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By using the existing photos, the special effects are modified to form some image effects, this is often in the PS special effects processing, the application of PS is quite extensive, this example mainly involves digging the map to build the application of the content, through a river of the city overlooking the map to build Tsinghua Tongfang (THTF) building, Designed to show the grandeur of the building and the company's financial strength, of course, this is purely PS fictitious, interested friends can have a try!

Effect chart


1, this example tutorial using Photoshop CS5 Production, the other version of General, first in Photoshop CS5 Open the example provided by the city, as shown in the following figure:

2, click the Pen tool in the common toolbar to make sure that the pen property in the property bar under the menu bar is path, as shown in the following illustration:

3, first we deal with the first letter T, using the pen tool to the left of a building on the top of the relevant area check, as shown in the following figure:

4, click the right button, in the pop-up menu select "Create a Selection", as shown in the following figure:

5. Set the feather radius to 0 in the Set up selection box that pops up, as shown in the following figure:

6, after converting the path to a selection as shown in the following figure, the pen tool's greatest advantage is that it can control the shape of the selection more freely.

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