Photoshop Masks color shades for dark photos

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The first thing to figure out is what is a mask? The mask is actually a layer in Photoshop, the most common is a monochrome layer or a patterned layer, stacked on top of the original photo layer, like a picture above a glass on the truth, the monochrome layer is monochrome glass, patterned layer is patterned glass, And then through the glass to see the photos will have a color or pattern changes, like the green mask after the screen green is strengthened.

The benefits of masking like glass, regardless of what you do to the mask will not directly affect the original picture, of course, if the combination of the layer directly affected. Compared to the tuning curve and palette, the mask is the easiest to learn, because there are few parameters to adjust, usually only a transparency needs to be adjusted, and save as a PSD file can retain the mask layer, so even if there are unexpected events can be saved for future adjustments. With the Mask palette suitable for restoration of gray-tone photos, if you want to comprehensively modify the tone of the screen, it is best to cooperate with other tools to use.

We open the picture in Photoshop, it's obvious that the original image is not clear enough, so let's start with the adjustment. Original film:

With Photoshop "Automatic levels" and "automatic contrast" on it.

The sharpness of the original image is not enough, and then the sharpness of the adjustment. with "mirror" → "sharpening" → "USM sharpening."

Now you can use the mask, first we found that the original photo color is not good enough, click on the bottom right layer of the "create a new fill or adjust Layer" button, select "Solid Color", choose pink with color picker.

Because the mask is to make the original photo fade, so use multilayer mask when it is best to copy the original picture of the layer, layer effect select "overlay", so that color depth and contrast is enough, and now I just made this layer under the pink mask.

Overlay the pink mask, the layer effect selected "soft light", and then adjust the "opacity" set to 85%, the skin suddenly became rosy.

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