Photoshop mouse painted cute big eyed girl

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Final effect

1, the original image of the reference.

2, make sure to follow the face curve and light to describe the outline. Actually this step looks at the picture to know how to do. (Note: Just use two colors to draw, separate many layers, face and neck to different layers, adjust the transparency to show the gradient effect)

3. Now, add some light tones to make the facial contour more three-dimensional to highlight the nose, lip, forehead and so on. (the author adds a third color here, a slightly lighter color, and does not change the transparency, I do not know how to say that people do not understand)

4, now, I started to add a transparent radial gradient. I still use the three colors I used before, but I want to change the blending mode. (neck and face areas should be in a different layer folder) to deepen the shadow of the neck to highlight the facial contour. I use a transparent gradient to highlight the area on my face, use the same color I used before, and just change the blending mode. (Remember: Do not work on one level)

5, because the skin has a variety of colors, so I began to use the clipping mask to add a blend effect, red cheeks, add gray in the eye socket and then add a little more light chest area.

6, the skin is nearing completion, now began to add details on the lips. Using different blending modes for transparent gradients, wide outline brushes and many circles, I added gloss and a little color to my lips.

7, further increase the color and highlight lines, let the lips a little more luster, the tip of the nose to add some faint light reflection.

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