Photoshop Mouse Painting Necklace tutorial

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Final effect Diagram

1. Create a new 600x600,72dpi image, fill the background color with black.

2. New Layer 1, with the toolbar in the custom shape of the heart shape to pull a heart, and the pen tool to hold down CTRL to drag the above node to adjust its shape, the shape is not ideal, you can add some nodes and then make adjustments, (Figure 1).

3. Again with the same heart shape, in just the chicken heart again pull a heart-shaped, the same as the second step of the same method of the heart of the internal contour adjustment (Figure 2).

4. Convert the path to a selection, with a gray fill (the RGB parameter is r218,g203,b206, and the meter gray used is the value), do not cancel the selection, go to the channel panel, create a new channel, fill it with white to the menu-filter-Blur-Gaussian blur, Blur radius 3, press CTRL + Alt+f again Gaussian blur, the radius of 2, and then again, the radius of 1, back to layer 1, to the menu-filter-rendering-lighting effect, in the palette (Figure 3) general settings, completed such as (Figure 4).

5. Copy layer 1, to the menu-filter-Sketch-branded yellow, adjust the details to 0, smooth to 10, after the press ctrl+i, the color inversion, and the layer blending mode set to overlay, (Figure 5).

6. Place this layer again on the top, press ctrl+i, invert the color, double-click the layer, select the relief in the pop-up layer style, and adjust the gloss contour to (Figure 6). Then hook and select the Gloss effect, adjust the contour to (Figure 7) style and finish as (Figure 8).

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