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Photoshop mouse painting super Cool game scene tutorial composition and tonal use is very mature, the work is magnificent, the lighting effect is outstanding. Because of the composition of more elements, the mouse painted when the need for a certain art foundation, it is best to use digital board to draw.

Final effect:

1, hit the perspective line, draw the desired composition:

2, change the background color to gray, and add shadow:

3, add flame and light beam and other special effects, determine the time effect:

4. Refine the rocks and steps, and add some magical elements to the upper buildings and rocks:

5, create a new layer, on the new layer to do a full-hing gradient effect. and change the layer mode to overlay, so that the picture can be concentrated:

6. To refine the effect of the light beam, you can also do an outer glow on the beam. The distant rocks are falsified, the relationship is divided, and the scene is deeply strengthened. Near the steps with fog-like strokes to make the atomization effect, foil the scene seven points.

7, create a new layer, layer mode is superimposed. To draw the hue of a scene:

8, for fire and light beams and other special effects plus color:

9, in order to enrich the color, in the rocks and steps with Moss, and in the shadow of the add reflective:

10, in the color overlay layer to do a layer of color overlay, so that the color contrast more strongly, more obvious light and shade, drawings completed:

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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