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In the shooting portrait, often because the scene, the model's objective reason limit causes the outside racket work not to be perfect, how to change the picture effect in the simplest way, the multiple portrait's post-processing can produce the unusual effect.

Pre-preparation should be fully

Blur the background, take a few more portraits of different movements

In the early filming, in the same seat, the same scene, shooting models of several different movements, to ensure that each action scene is the same, to avoid because of the scene perspective relationship, the size of the proportion of the difference in the impact. It will be much simpler to make later. can also be in the early filming (or through post-production), the background as far as possible, so that the impact of the background will be minimized, the focus is entirely on the character. Later reuse the PS layer mask and layer transparency to create the effect of overlapping characters.

Simple PS operation

PS Multiple portrait operation steps:

Choose two pictures as solid layer and Phantom Shadow 01 layer respectively. Virtual shadow layer in the bottom, the solid layer on the level, the entity layer of transparency to 70%, revealing virtual shadow 01 layer, drag the solid layer, adjust the position of the two layers of characters placed. To add a layer mask to the entity layer, a mask icon appears on the main layer, and the next work is done on this mask.

Select the black soft edge brush, the brush opacity to 30%, adjust the brush size, in the shadow layer of characters on the smear, attention to avoid the physical layer of the characters, if you accidentally smear the character of the entity, choose white brush smear can be restored. Repeated smear, the main layer of transparency can be transferred back to 100%, to see the effect of overlapping characters.

Through the adjustment of opacity, control the extent of the hidden shadow, and finally merge the visible layer. Repeat steps one and two and add 2 to 3 phantom layers to complete.

TIPS: What do you mean dizzy?

Dizzy have dizzy, infatuated with the meaning, follow this idea, later can make illusory, similar to the effect of the soul out of the shell.

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