Photoshop Novice Tutorial: Simple to make watering glass effect

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This is a picture of a knock over the cup and can be downloaded here

Now want to add water, create a kind of water outflow effect.

Step 1: Draw the shape with the brush tool

Create a new layer and draw the basic shape of the liquid with the brush tool.

Need to be rounded up and draw some time to decorate it.

Using a hard edge brush, draw a liquid shape near the cup and the mouth, color #848484

Step 2: Use the Dodge tool

Dodge tool can reduce the color of the image, can be used as a shape of the high light

Dodge Tool Settings:

    • size : 45px
    • Scope : Shadow
    • Exposure degree : 20%.

This step results

Step 3: Use the Burn tool

The burn tool can deepen the color and add shadows to shapes. Set the parameters as follows:

    • size : 35px
    • Scope : Shadow
    • Exposure of 15%


Step 4: Use the Plastic packaging filter

Now start creating liquid effects, using filter gallery > Art effects > Plastic Packaging:

    • High light intensity : 13
    • Details : 15
    • Smoothing Degree : 14

Parameters can be adjusted by themselves


Step 5: Use strong light mode

A little shadow and a light adjustment can be made.

Liquid layer, blending mode changes from normal to high light.

Remove the gray, leaving only shadows and high light:

Step 7: Bevel and Emboss

Enter the blending mode and add bevel and emboss to make the liquid more realistic. Parameters:

Style: Inner Bevel

Method: Smoothing

High Light mode: color filter

Shadow mode: Multiply the bottom of the stack

Numerical reference to the following figure

If you want to adjust the liquid color, image > Adjust > Color balance, satisfied.

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