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To the users of Photoshop software to share a detailed online game poster pictures of the production tutorial.

Tutorial Sharing:

First, choose the background of the original picture of the forest because and the character material close, must let the character into the scene.

Second, we pay attention to the color palette, because now the overall tone gray often cold, we let it warm up! Details are as follows.

Third, the next layer mask + Clouds ~ ~ Characters are also adjusted to brighten, leaving white places can be conveniently placed logo and slogan as follows.

Four, now look more comfortable, but the overall is not warm enough, we try to add a light effect on the head to see.

Five, then, to the most critical step ~ is to blur the material and background. In fact, this is very simple, many students asked me how to do, in fact, is a filter thing, look.

Six, the characters the same principle treatment, but to face clearly, need to overlay a layer of mask ~ ~ Brush the head.

Seven, the processing under the logo, as well as slogan.

Eight, the last step is to add some leaves what ghost when foil, and overlay a layer of "add noise", it seems to be more "Van Gogh oil painting" effect?

Final effect:

Okay, the above information is small make up to you Photoshop software for this section of the group built users of the detailed network game poster pictures of the production of all the content of the video, of course, the small series to share the production of the tutorial is just to give you a production of ideas, When you are familiar with the tutorial of the small series sharing, then go to make your own to make the game poster.

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