Photoshop Paint Lady Perfume Bottle

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This tutorial shows you how to depict an object from the whole to the details! The application of the layer mask and smudge tool is integrated.

Using PS hand-painted things is a very cumbersome thing, to do the wonderful no shortcuts, need to have enough patience and courage to complete, this tutorial shows how from the whole to the details of the process of depicting objects! The application of the layer mask and smudge tool is integrated. Watch more! You can also become a PS master, this tutorial is suitable for reference learning, do not divert.

Final effect Diagram

01. Create a new file, fill the gradient as shown

02. Add a new layer, tick the bottle outline and fill the gradient, color settings as shown

03. Add layers and fill the bottle body with the gradient tool (to the transparency gradient)

04. Create a new layer and add cap and bottle bottom, the bottom layer of the bottle can be used to reduce the depth of the tool, the general light and shade, as shown

05. Using the Path tool to outline the middle part of the bottle body, Ctrl+enter, the path into the selection

06. Create a new layer, foreground color settings like figure, with the gradient tool (to the transparency gradient)

07. Further describe the dark part of the bottle, add layers to check out the selection and fill the foreground color, such as figure, set layer mask/show all, prepare for the next description

08. Describe the bright part of the bottle body layer, such as figure, check out the selection add layer fill white, and add layer mask/show all, use the gradient tool to blur the layer

09. Draw Cap High light section, along the edge of the closure of the inner part of the slope of the lid, check out the selection as shown in the picture, copy the bevel layer press DELETE key to get the CAP Edge section!

10. Pull up the edge layer selection! (click Layer when CTRL key) Fill white, perform filter/Gaussian blur as shown

11. The above method continues to add a bottle of the more light parts, complete as shown

12. Make the reflective part of the bottle, check out the selection, create a new layer, fill the white, set the layer transparency 35%

13. Continue to depict the bottom of the bottle, bring up the bottom layer of the bottle with a Dodge deepening tool to depict light details, and then use the tool soft to make the natural

14. Use the same method, continue to depict, as shown

15. Make the watermark, as shown in the map

16. Add a layer fill before the scene as a picture, and set the layer mask/display all, with the eraser tool to wipe out the general light, and then use the Dodge to deepen the tool to make the highlight

17. Draw the bottom of the bottle texture, check out the selection to add layers such as figure, and add layer mask/show all, with the eraser to wipe out the light and shade

18. Perform Filter/noise/add noise/monochrome, layer blending mode for brightness, as shown

19. Create a new layer and use the brush tool to depict the highlighted Flash section

20. Describe the nozzle, create a new layer, tick the selection, fill the foreground, as shown

21. Click Select Menu/Selection/Modify selection/Shrink selection, as shown

22. Feather selection, pixel 2

23. Delete the selection section by pressing the DELETE key, as shown

24. After the adjustment is completed as shown, merge all the bottle body layers

25. Make the bottle body reflection, set the auxiliary line at the corner of the bottle body, select the right side, as shown

26. Select the bottle body layer, and then copy and paste the selection section to get the new layer, as shown in

27.ctrl+t Transform layer/Vertical transform, chamfered, and adjust position, as shown

28. The same way to duplicate the left of the bottle body

29.ctrl+t Transform layer/vertical transform, oblique cut, effect as shown

30. Then free transformation/deformation, this purpose is to make the reflection more real

31. After the effect of deformation as shown, so that the reflection closer to the natural effect

32. Merge two layers, add layer mask/Hide all, blur with gradient tool, and adjust layer transparency to 30%

33. Add material adjustment after the final effect

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