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When I accidentally get a moon Princess card, like a shiny card, then let me shocked, how can grow so good-looking! When I met, I kept following the card painting and painting, until later I got a book from my sister, the 4th Book of the American Girl Warrior, excited and bad, just a picture of the picture. It can be said that I painted the road of Beauty girl from the Moon Princess card began. As a loyal fan of the American maiden Warrior, when she heard the 20 anniversary of the maiden warrior, she immediately decided to draw a favorite moon princess to express my deep love ...

Figure 00

Painting tools and brushes selection

I always use OC (Opencanvas) software, I use the version is 4. Because when you first learn to use it, it's been used for a long time. I have said this software in the course of "three inch Heaven" and many friends have asked about it. Opencanvas is a particularly small and simple software, the box selection and rotation of the function is not, take the color is the SHIFT key, do exercises with this software is particularly suitable for the color is very clean, not dirty, translucent feeling very good.

Reference 01

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However, the recent painting more complex publicity map, found that a lot of texture or need to deal with Photoshop, just simple painting, can not fully show the desired effect, or need to do in the PS texture processing. But I personally prefer the software brush and color, so has been in the OC painting, in the PS adjustment. A lot of friends asked me PS and OC which good, the two software I will use, painter will also use, to see what effect to draw what, such as painting the effect of painting, I will be in painter painting. In fact, software is a tool, to find a use, use a lot of natural on the smooth. Brush too, use more will find their own habits.

Composition and draft drawing

Start drafting, OK, in fact, I initially want to draw the whole body, later for various reasons and busy, and do not want to leave the pit of regret, had to cut the size of the desktop map (Figure 01).

  Photoshop Tutorial Figure 01

First of all, the background should be painted gray, which will help to observe, it will also help to paint. The lines are drawn directly in the software. When drawing a line, pay attention to the line to relax, so it is convenient to modify, every place is strangled will be reluctant to change, so the line not too much attention to detail, the main is the big shape to be right, the time to find more references, some of the body models of photos placed next to, looking at the structure of the painting, painting the time to flip the horizontal look, There are no problems like run-shaped.

By the way, like a first line of friends, I recommend Sai Drafting, Sai itself is painting Day card hook line used, brush is particularly easy to use, to draw a line manuscript very smoothly. Open jitter correction, the higher the value, the more smooth lines drawn, the need to draw a friend of the wireframe can try, quite useful (Figure 02).

Figure 02

This is the stroke effect, the brush is ordinary, this is a digression, have the opportunity to do this kind of tutorial again.

Focus: Sai's toolbar has a function, click can be horizontal flip, the big picture will not have to struggle to wait, with the turn, seemingly not eat memory, convenient and easy to use.

Composition. Try to put the characters in the picture of the golden point on the position, the center of Sight, I this because I want to balance the logo on the left so that the characters on the right side.

Pose. Pay attention to head, shoulder, hip to the different direction, S-shaped, so that pose will be worth seeing. Try not to let the body in a direction, the arm is also, while bending one side as far as possible to ease, the best leg to have before and after interspersed occlusion relationship. But it is more and more difficult to pose, is the most need to move the brain of a step.

The position of the foot should be the same as the top of the head so that the center of gravity will stabilize (Fig. 03, 04).

Figure 03

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