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1: Open the original film, first to observe the film

There may be many people would like to say: light more flat, color general, texture general, prosaic. The feeling of the film because of personal, makeup modelling is very new, wonderful and pay a mysterious color. My feeling is that the photographer has retained a lot of details in the later period, leaving a lot of creative space.

Usually I get the film I will probably to the movie location, such as: High-profile films, in gray tune, low-key film, elegant, Winchin, alternative, fashion, and so on;

Then the film is the main tone or hue, or the natural reality is simply the expression of the image of the feelings of the characters (the partial record of the real class), and so on;

Like today to bring you the works are: mysterious, alternative, retro, shura, exotic, low-key film, main tone, tonal supplement, usually we see a lot of engaging fashion advertising, often inseparable from the rich tone, to the level is not pure, not gorgeous more cloudy color.

2: Take the girl's face out of another picture and change it. "Ask for nature to be true."

Small share: Pay attention to the role of the shape and size of the red leaves of the convergence of the place to coincide, the proportion of all aspects, and sometimes used to liquefaction.

3: Black background monotonous, I found a piece of coarse particles very heavy material, and then adjusted the color, tuned a tone.

Note: Clothing also uses the color to Halo dye, the effect will be better, more harmonious.

Objective: To make the picture not too monotonous, more levels and changes, more vivid.

4: Check the person skin to carry on the dark, some people will ask why is the pressure dark instead of lightens? The director and the boss in the studio, they die hard let us give the photo to shine whitening. A: 1, the first analysis of the photo is actually a low-key image, 2, the image after the dark three-dimensional level of sense, 3, the image of the need for charm and so on;

5: The screen for the regional highlight, here: I just for the highlight area for processing. Make the character's tone contrast larger, more visual.

6: Add the tattoo material, material selection according to the idea of the theme of the photo. The free transform-the pattern-is a multiply, so it dissolves quickly. Here I am looking for material, the key word in the brain is: the God of the gods.

7: Because the material is too small, not wide enough, since the clip a part of the increase, the excess part of the erase, transition nature.

8: At that time is to feel red too bright, especially on the head of the leaves, change the hue will be good-looking, and small liquefaction.

9: Feel the girl face light owed a little bit, the light is supposed to say the top, so I put some light, and changed the hue of the red. If you want to learn more about the later light understanding can see the previous my other tutorials.

10: This processing more, more miscellaneous one step, I investigate the possibility of more detailed, first female, because of the lightness of the leaves and saturation higher, so first down some, using liquefaction and tone to shape the face, add a little eye light, the girl arm transition liquefaction. The boy handled more things, starting from the head: to deal with the level of the hair light and light, not the original piece of black feeling. Facial feeling is too vicissitudes, age feeling too strong, analysis: can bring people these feelings because of the following points:

Muscle relaxation, sagging skin, wrinkles and deep, more scars, and then I will adjust for these content. And then deal with men's makeup, so that men look deeper, more domineering, here to tell friends, his head all the things I have done, we have to download the map before and after looking at the comparison bar. Friends you see can see again, because the first time you look at the understanding of the ability to believe that different from the present, every time to realize the things are not the same.

11: The head and lip of the focus on the treatment of a bit, the eyes to deal with a lot of, so that the characters more vivid some.

12: At that time think the film a bit dark, brighten and adjust the skin tone, this is just a taste of ... When the effect is bad, we change it again;

13: First analysis of the head shape, shape ah, ratio, and so on, here I used the green leaves will be part of the red leaf stalls, because the red leaf part is not easy to occupy the ratio too much, radial shape of the dead leaves a little too long, liquefied a bit, harmony some. And fine-tuning the hue, to find the best sense of harmony.

14: Carefully adjust the details, the use of light and shade, liquefaction, stamp tools to use less, please download the comparison before and after observation. Some places do not need to be too smooth, like men's palms, pores, hair, blood vessels, bones;

15: Ditto, get a picture of the contrast is to think that everyone can see more steps process.

16: Here for the final finished product, the level of a lot of pressure, give people suddenly changed a feeling like, we can understand that this is two style effect bar.

Whether you like the bright, or dark, you can, to see the final demand for business, here for you to talk a few more words, some of my personal opinion: I often see some friends in the industry exchange chat, often said, you see such a film has been exposed as such are called large, gray bar Laki, this color as light as smoke, thin as paper, this person black into such, Dark into this, but also to wait;

I just want to say: The architect, you just have to create the flavor of the piece, its God already exist, then you are successful, the film details are never finished, because there is no perfect, sometimes you repair too much, close to perfect, you will find, in fact, has been too much, the traces of the later is too heavy, some time on the popular things, So let's not be too dead. Must go to pursue some what effect, some film finishes after, pay attention to it is suitable for what style, follow to fix tune is the best, do not have to change to the heart of the individual hobby is unrecognizable, good works will not be the revision of a person can be completely manipulated.

Final effect!

Jian Yi: Studio/studio of the Repair film division can be nothing more than the early makeup of photographers to learn from each other, if you have the opportunity and time to look at the scene of makeup, watching the photographer filming the scene, listen to their words, makeup, photography, repair film, is a family, indispensable, if you are in this family only know self , that is far from enough;

For example: You are repairing a head close-up or makeup film, but you don't know the character bone lattice, "when the face, side face, look up, various states" do not understand make-up points, sometimes makeup light is not three-dimensional, uneven color, hairstyle contour, modelling collocation, do not understand photography, what is light, light quality, light ratio, light nature and emotion, ask, Do you want to guess by feeling, by guessing, by what you personally think should be done?

Now the network is so developed, social books so much, nothing more collection pictures and books, even if you do not understand the beginning, you can imitate the same to do, more practice, and then more creative, later on understand, do not work every day to your passion erased.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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