Photoshop pictures of Prairie beauties, fresh and nostalgic effects

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Sunlight is very important to the photographer, and different light produces the same color. But what about rainy weather? The following Poco Yichang station stationmaster Xu Fei uses a cloudy photograph portrait work as an example, teaches you later the optional color and the glare filter application, quickly creates the transparent picture.

As a result of shooting on a cloudy day, the color is cold, so before filming to the camera for color temperature set 6200K. Then use the later adjustment of the transparent screen.

The first step: the screen color is a bit heavy, we use the curve adjustment, so that the level of the grass present

Step two: Make the sky blue, the simplest way is to choose the color, the white to adjust. The advantage of an optional color is that it only adjusts to a single color and does not affect the whole.

Step three: Mirror gradient makes the sky more natural.

Fourth step: The school color after polishing, so that the screen is no longer yellow, so that the overall color is warm.

The fifth step: To do here, you should apply to a digital anarchy Knoll Light Factory Glare Filter, this is a plug-in filter, you can create a variety of light, this time I choose warm sunflare.

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Effect chart

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