Photoshop Plastic Art tutorial for color textures

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Concrete Effect:

Specific tutorials:

1. Create a new 1100*800px size document, edit the fill color #ececec

2. New layer "pattern", we edit the fill pattern (provided in the material), change the layer mode for color deepening.

3. Duplicate the "pattern" layer, we will change the opacity to 50%

4. Now we start to do the font part, the font is a font of a layer completed. I use the font "5" as an example.

Select font anchor Jack (material available), font color #39ace1, size 180px, as follows:

5. Add the layer style to the font layer as follows:

The effect is as follows:

6. Select the Brush tool and set the brush as follows:

7. Create a new layer on the font layer "brush", we use the pen tool to draw the path, right click the stroke path (no point simulation pressure)

8. Add the layer style to the brush layer as follows:

9. New group "5", we pull the Font 5 layer and brush layer into the group. Follow the steps above to make other fonts (brush color is darker than font color)

10.ctrl+t transform each group and display the way you like it.

11. We pull in the paper material, put on top, change layer mode to multiply, opacity 30%

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12. New home Adjustment Layer-photo filter, set as follows, the entire font is complete.

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