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All portrait photography can not avoid a minimum of adjustment to output, but before the map need to pay attention to what?

Some time ago to go shopping, found a small spray of art shop, is said to be a manufacturer using original ink original paper to achieve the effect.

Try to print a few of the found color is not imagined good, ask the shopkeeper after the clue.

So here today to record, and share with you, although compared with the master of the gap is very large, hoping to promote communication.

First of all, inkjet printer using 9-color output, coating layer of good or bad determines the ink adsorption degree and color performance.

Second, the image correction must pay attention to the details of the color distinction, otherwise it will produce a dead black phenomenon (color stacked together, no hierarchy)

The most important problem is that as the output of the art level, the screen should have a certain sense of three-dimensional and thematic, the color of the time must pay attention to the key modification

Finally, the Curve tool is a very important tool in color correction, which determines the amount of ink, in other words, the higher the curve point, the thicker the output ink.

Less nonsense, first on the original image:

After the more positive effect of the picture:

After analysis found that the original image has such a problem:

1, the first part of the eye, the whites and the pupil between the part of the dim, the hair is not clear enough between the silk

2, the folding part of the garment in the absence of the map output will produce "dead Black" (dark, no hierarchy)

3, the lips as the most important part of the entire screen to further deepen the treatment can play the role of the dotting

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