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Tips to adjust the distance between individual characters
After using the Text tool to add text, if you want to adjust the distance between individual characters, you can put the cursor between the two characters you need to adjust, hold down the ALT key, with the left and right direction key adjustment, very flexible and convenient.

Quickly change the values displayed in the dialog box
To quickly change the number displayed in the dialog box, first click the number with the mouse, so that the cursor in the dialog box, and then you can use the upper and lower arrow keys to change the number of implants. If you hold down the SHIFT key before you change the value with the arrow keys, the change in the value is faster (typically 10 is the step).

Temporarily switch to the eyedropper tool
If you are now in the following state: Brush, airbrush, pencil, eraser, just press the ALT key, you can temporarily switch to the eyedropper tool (but the mouse to the image area has been opened).

Quickly avoid selection edge capture
Many people have encountered this situation when working with selections and trimming tools: When you resize a selection or trim box and position, when the trim box is closer to the edge of the image, the trim box automatically pastes the edges of the image so that you cannot accurately cut the image. In fact, as long as the adjustment of the Cut box when the CTRL key, then the Cut box will be obey orders, so that you accurately cut.

Quick Convert Path to selection
If you use the Pen tool to draw a path, and you are now the state of the mouse is a pen, you just press the keypad on the return key (remember the keypad on the keyboard, not the!!! on the main keyboard) , the path is immediately loaded as a selection.

Quickly adjust layer levels
To move the current selected layer up, just press the CTRL key, and then press the button, you can shift the current layer up; Press the CTRL key and press the [key] to move the current layer down.

Convert color image to grayscale image
To convert a color image to a grayscale image, the usual method is to use the image → pattern → grayscale, or image → to color, but now there is a way to convert the color to grayscale is more delicate. First convert the image into Lab color mode: Image → mode →lab color, then go to the channel panel, delete channel A and channel B, you can get a layer of more delicate grayscale image.

Temporarily toggle Automatically select Layer Feature status
Automatically select layers, that is, the system automatically adjusts the currently selected object's layer to the current layer. In general, we can start this feature by layer the Auto Select Layer on the options panel of the Mobile tool. But at some point you don't need this feature, you have to manually cancel this option, more trouble.
Here's a handy tip: When you hold down the CTRL key, your mobile tool has automatic selection, and when you click on an object on a layer, Photoshop automatically switches to the layer on which the object is located, but when you release the CTRL key, your mobile tool is not automatically selected. , so it is easy to prevent false selection.

Transparent and timely adjustment
Change the transparency of the drawing (including things with a brush, pencil, airbrush, eraser). First, draw a pen, and then under the Filter fliter menu will appear fade x option (x depending on the tool you just used), click on it can change the previous transparency in the dialog box.

Shortcut keys to quickly browse image parts
You can use the following shortcuts to quickly browse your image.
Home: Scroll to the upper-left corner of the image;
End: Scroll to the lower right corner of the image;
PAGEUP: Scroll to the top of the image;
Page down: Scroll to the bottom of the image;
CTRL plus PAGE UP: Scroll to the left of the image;
CTRL plus PAGE DOWN: Scroll to the right of the image.

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