Photoshop produces electric shock word effect

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It seems that after the picture, now go to the point, teach you to start making electric shock word of the specific steps as follows:

1, create a new 500x300 (px) image file, and set the background color to black.

2, the use of the text tool in the image file to enter the desired text (in the foreground is white), where the font suggested to download a [FZKANGJW] font.

3, copy the text layer, select the background layer before the text layer, this layer and the background layer together as a layer (ctrl+e downward merge)

4. Execute image--rotate canvas--90 degrees clockwise

5, again executes the wind filter (filter--stylized--wind) defaults, and repeats this filter 1 times (ctrl+f)

6. Perform the image--rotate the canvas--180, then execute the Wind filter (filter--stylized--wind) defaults, and repeat this filter 1 times (ctrl+f)

7, and then rotate the canvas clockwise 90 degrees, repeat wind filter (ctrl+f)

8, again executes the wind filter once (wants to change the wind to blow the direction)

9. Perform filter--twist--Ripple (parameter default)

10, for the background layer coloring (image-adjust-hue/saturation) Note: In Hue/saturation in the shaded check box, and adjust its hue is 200, saturation of 30)

11, hold down the CTRL key click the text layer to load the text into the selection, perform the selection----------contraction (2px)

12. Create a new layer above the text layer and fill it with black in the selection. The approximate effect figure is as follows:

    • PS Text Tutorial
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