Photoshop produces matte skin post-processing tutorials

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To the users of Photoshop software to share the details of the production of a matte skin post-processing course.

Tutorial Sharing:

First of all, we can pay attention to this piece of the original film does not look very good, feeling a little bit of exposure. The reason is that the shooting was prepared in a hurry, only a single battle. But now the powerful function of digital photography, for the later to make amendments to provide a broad space.

Take this picture as an example, shooting time for noon, MD Behind the big Landing window light is very strong, MD to carry out backlight shooting, then the light is very large, easy to create background details missing. How can I keep the details and let the exposure be correct? The way I use it is to shoot in raw format and then take a photo with Md. The principle is to use raw high latitude to the MD's positive and the exposed window to restore, so, although the photo seems to be exposed, but through the later can be restored.

Later I will teach you step-by-step to restore the photos.

Open raw file with Photoshop, display raw adjustment panel (left is raw data, right is adjusted data)

According to the requirements of the screen adjustment parameters, increase the "restore" to 53, so that the window's high light level recovery, increase the "fill light" value to make the dark part of the light, a simple operation, you can improve the picture, but the window is a little too violent, and then open the image

Another open raw file, the exposure to 1.35, restore to 67, open the image.

Then drag the darkened picture onto the image you just opened, and let them overlap.

Create a mask and brush the window part so that the exposure looks more balanced.

The effect after the mask.

Shift+ctrl+alt+e stamped layers, and the next steps are done on the new layer.

MD Face of the high light is not natural, and then use the Clone Stamp tool, opacity set to 26%, press the ALT key with the mouse point in the middle of the light position sampling, and then smear the high light, so that the face light looks more natural.

To make the MD skin look a little more perfect, then go to the peeling step and build a new layer.

I usually use portraiture, a very convenient grinding skin plug, can automatically identify the skin part of the grinding skin, and then fine-tune the parameters, start grinding skin.

After the skin is finished, at this time the cutaneous has been quite delicate and slick, but the face line of the nose lines are a little fuzzy, next, we want to be more clear when the MD's features.

Create a mask for the layer of the skin.

Brush with the brush + black on the mask will be clearly displayed on the line.

At this time, the skin treatment is completed, on the look has no fault.

Finally, fine-tune the color and create the Select color Adjustment layer.

The final effect chart:

Reminder: To pull out the transparent skin, control the exposure is very important, so, I do not grasp the time, I need to observe the exposure of the different display adjustment is appropriate, as long as appropriate, the effect will be transparent.

Well, the above information is a small part of the software users of Photoshop to bring the detailed production of a matte skin later on the treatment of the entire content of the course to share, you see the users here, Xiao Bian believes that you are now very clear about the production of the tutorial, Now, everyone, go and try it on yourself.

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