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Seemingly simple, contains a lot of elements. First you need to set the appropriate background, and then enter the required text, each letter needs to separate a layer, and the layer style and so on with the texture and edge, and later also need to add decorative elements, and adjust the layer position.

Final effect

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1, open Photoshop, create a 800*600 px file.

2, we start from the background. Paint the background with the paint bucket tool to color #95cde0.

3, select the background layer, click "Layer" > "Layer Style" > "Pattern Overlay", and add one of the above fabric patterns. Change the blending mode to overlay and set the opacity to 65%. You can also directly double-click the background layer to get the Layer style panel. If your background layer is locked, double-click to unlock it, so you can modify the layer style.

Before you add a layer style, you need to open the footage shown in the following illustration and define it as a pattern (Edit > Define a pattern).

4. Create a new layer (layer → New or click the "New Layer" button under the Layers panel), use round hard side brush and random color to draw a few different sizes on the canvas, change the layer's blending mode to "color deepened."

5, now, we start making fonts. First we will create the shadow text, so select the Type tool to add text and fill the color #313131.

6, select the type layer, and then click Layer > Layer Style > Pattern overlay now, please select another fabric pattern, adjust the opacity to 12%.

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