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This tutorial is a classic technique for image revision. The author in the beautification of the picture is not only the color palette, but also includes pictures of the picture changes, such as the tutorial in the characters around the petals and so on, enhance the space sense of the picture. The face of the people also added with the environment corresponding to the make-up, the overall look more integrated.


Final effect

1, first in the PS5 inside open the original image, with "curve" respectively adjust different channel photos. Make the original dark red, gray photos become bright, transparent, adjusted after the merge layer. Then use the Repair tool to decorate the skin.

2, the picture of the flower-pull down as a material will be surrounded by characters around the characters face into the flowers, the direction and size of the petals material to be layered changes. The last picture can only be felt in space.

3, Merge all layers, with "curve" respectively adjust different channels. First of all, select the red channel for dark processing, so that the photo darkened, green, thereby effectively subtracting the red in the photo. The second is to select the blue channel and darken it. Finally, in order to make the picture more realistic, choose the RGB channel, the screen slightly darkened, so that the photo color more dignified.

4, adjust the color of the person. Using the hue/Saturation tool, select the red channel and change its hue and saturation (hue + 4, saturation-45, lightness 0), so that the original red color of the characters slightly yellow, and then choose red (hue +12, saturation + 2, brightness 0), so that the color of the petals changed to the dark. Then choose Cyan (Hue-41, saturation-17, lightness 0) to make the overall tone of the picture more harmonious.

5, copy layer Select "image-Application Image" adjustment inside parameters to make the character skin contrast strong texture. Then merge all layers.

6, the use of "optional color" and "levels" tool adjustment. Let the screen more and more highlights, select the red parameters see figure. Then adjust the levels.

7, select the Brush tool, the choice of light yellow to add light yellow eye shadow and lip gloss, so that the picture appears gorgeous color level.

Then merge the layers, using lasso tool to select eyes to do color adjustment, so that the eye tones into bright green, like with the eyes of the United States to make the eye more God.

Finally adjust the color contrast, so that the overall tone of the picture is finally completed.

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