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Color is the expression of emotion, hue is emotional inclination. A photograph is processed into a color and hue to express the author's strong inner feelings. Or passionate, or solemn and stirring, or condensing silence, or gentle and graceful. The shape of the scene of the scene expresses the photographer's subjective feelings and intentions, and then after the later processing, giving a distinctive character color, the formation of a tendency of hue, foil a more intense atmosphere, so that the film more touching.

Preparing images

Open the file. It is very touching to see this scene at the foot of a volcano. That year, in the face of the hot lava, its huge body was swallowed, a few years later, in this tree solemn and stirring down the place, a new cluster of green show vitality, in the face of high sky, facing the sea we hear is a song of life and Endless hymn.

First, according to the normal tone of the film to make adjustments.

The Dark sky is pressed

The original image of the sky is too bright.

To crush the sky, first load into the sky of the constituency. Open the channel panel, hold down the CTRL key, use the mouse to click the blue channel with the greatest contrast, load into the blue channel constituency, see the Ant line.

Note: This is just loaded into the blue channel selection and does not enter the blue channel. The image you see now is colored and still in the RGB composite channel state.

Back to the Layers panel, click to create a new adjustment layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel, select the Curve command from the pop-up menu, and create a new curve adjustment layer.

Select the direct Adjustment tool in the pop-up curve panel. Put the mouse in the dark cloud of the sky, press and hold the mouse down to move. See the corresponding control point on the curve downward pressure, so that the curve and the shape of the histogram roughly match.

Lighten the ground tone

Then adjust the ground tone.

The first step is to load the ground selection.

Hold down the CTRL key, use the mouse to click the Mask icon in the curve adjustment layer of the layers panel, see the Ant line, and then load the curve to adjust the sky constituency.

Select the Select Reverse command to reverse the selection.

There's a constituency on the ground.

Click to create a new adjustment layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel, select the Curve command in the pop-up menu, and create a second curve adjustment layer.

In the pop-up curve panel, select the Direct Adjustment tool, in the image on the right side of the new plant in the light of the mouse slightly upward movement, see the curve on the corresponding control points up, the image was lit. Then create a control point in the curve close to the shadow, push the point a little downward, and let the curve reset here.

Now look, feel the ground tone bright, contrast increased, tone comfortable.

The dark sky is pressed again

Although the level of the sky has come out, but also feel like to make the upper part of the sky darker, on the one hand for the next step to foil the ground, on the other hand also make the sky more level.

Click to create a new adjustment layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel again, select the Curve command from the pop-up menu, and create a third new curve adjustment layer.

In the curved panel that pops up, select the direct Adjustment tool, and then press and hold down the cloud in the dark. See the middle of the curve produces a control point downward pressure the sky is darker. Set up a control point in the curve's illuminated position, a little downward pressure, in order to make the cloud level of the sky more delicate.

The third curve adjusts to the top half of the sky.

Toolbox Select the Gradient tool, set the foreground color to black, and the above options bar fades to the foreground color to transparent, linear gradient mode.

With the gradient tool in the sea-sky junction from the bottom up, from the ground to half the sky pull out the gradient line, under the mask, only the upper part of the sky is darker, the other parts of the original.

The sky is well tuned.

Adjust hue

Want to adjust the color of the picture, let the film warm tune, to highlight the hope of life. This is a personal preference and an attempt, not a fixed pattern.

Click to create a new adjustment layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel, select the color Balance command in the pop-up menu, and create a new color balance adjustment layer.

In the pop-up color balance panel, the default is midtones. Move the first and third sliders to the left, and the middle part of the screen starts to turn green.

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