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Whether it is looking at magazines, or browsing posters, we can always see some of the perfect model like carved: their face smooth water run, their figure is abrupt and angular, perfect to you think they are plastic people, even if the flaws are also given to rough uninhibited of the alternative beauty. In these big light, if you still in this envy and chagrin, then you have to complete the following article--photographer Pan Xiaochun Stevepan will take you to witness the miracle of PS, teach you to any character photography can play a large texture.

Comparison between the original film and the late effect

1. copy background copy. The skin color of the original piece is red, reduce in the adjustment of choosing color.



An optional color-adjusted picture

Optional color with a variety of options, we can be targeted by intuitive color correction or adjustment of the image, of course, some intuition is not completely correct, which requires our specific situation specific analysis.

2. Shadow high light. On the background copy, the shading is adjusted so that the brightness of dark and high light is appropriate. This plays a key role in the adjustment of the whole film.

To adjust the shadow light

High-light Shadow adjusted picture

3. Curve adjustment. The aim is to increase contrast and to mix colors.

Curve adjustment in sequence

Increase contrast, leveling colors

The biggest advantage of the curve is that you can arbitrarily select the part that needs to be adjusted, want to turn the light or the dark part or the middle, the color is also the case, a lot of pictures are not the whole color, some high light, some of the middle side, the curve can be selected according to the actual situation

4. Adjust the main curve again.

Adjust the main curve again

Effect of curve adjustment

As experience accumulates, you can slowly see the position of each tonal pixel on the curve, and the more you see, the more sure you are about what to highlight and which to darken.

5. Create a new grayscale gradient adjustment layer, blending mode for soft light.

Create a new grayscale gradient adjustment layer

6. Adjustment of color balance

Adjustment of color balance

7. Adjust the curve again. Then use the mask to erase the characters. Brush color black, opacity 50 or so.

Erase a character with a mask

Three-Step effect chart

5.6.7 Three steps are mainly to adjust the color and brightness of the picture. The colors and colors of the picture are the two most important factors that affect the quality of an image.

8. The final step is sharpening and operating in a copy of the background.

Sharpening operations

Final effect Diagram

Of course, the above tutorial is only a reference, in the study must practice, and in the operation of the time to think, think "Why I want to use this tool, the picture produced what effect?" What else can this tool do ... "only constant experimentation and thinking can help you get better at your work."

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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