Photoshop pull out the character picture soft color Non-mainstream Color Tutorial

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Today, small knitting son ink share a soft light color palette tutorial. The effect is small, but contains a very rich color.

The old rules, first. Effect chart:


1, create a Curve palette layer, start to adjust the color of the image

2, modify the Pull-down menu in the red channel and the manipulation curve began to fall. Drag to an S-shaped curve.

3, enter the green channel, the green middle hue produces curved line.

4, the blue channel needs to adjust the starting point and end point, as shown in the figure.

5, new layer, fill magenta, and then modify the blending mode for soft light, reduce layer opacity to about 20% of the effect.

6. Press CTRL + A to select all, then Edit > Merge copy (press CTRL + Shift + A). Paste this copy to a new layer, then add a Gaussian blur, and don't forget to add a layer mask layer for easy blur erasure.

7. Create a new layer, change the blending mode of the layer to linear dodge, transparency 70%, then select the flexible brush and add the red color where you want it.

8, new layer, selection of 100PX size fill black, and then use the "Filter > Blur" Gaussian blur option, set layer ' soft light ' in 70%.

9. In the center of the screen, pull a small white transparent gradient, and then modify the layer mode to soft light.

Final effect:

    • PS Palette Tutorial
    • PS Non-Mainstream tutorial
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