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Photographer Ansel Adams is always the role model for landscape photographers, his black-and-white photos are hierarchical, contrast strong, and at the same time to maintain a wealth of gray and detail, so his work is very attractive. In the digital age, camera image processing ability is more and more strong, through the post system can also clone its image characteristics. From digital Camera world share, tell how the landscape works into Ansel Adams style Black-and-white photos, you may wish to refer to try.

Tutorial material: Late scenery photos stunning black and white effect PS tutorial material

1) with camera Raw open picture, to Lens corrections pick Remove chromatic aberration.

2) to HSL Select saturation, the items are pulled to-100来 remove color. Don't tick the Convert to grayscale directly, so you can fine-tune your photos with Temp, Tint, saturation, and vibrance.

3 The next to dim the sky, while the plant bright, so to luminance, will oranges+84, yellows+65, greens+54, Aquas-65, Blues-58, Purples-58

4 Use the upper left tool column graduated Filter, pull a gradient as shown below, then adjust the Exposure-2.30, make the sky further darkened, pay attention to other parameters to keep 0.

5 Back to Basic (choose the magnifying glass in the upper left corner), to strengthen the photo, then contrast+18, shadows+24, Clarity to+18. In addition, whites and blacks have to pull to the "best", is to press ALT to pull them, until you see the white screen appears black last minute, or just the opposite is all Black picture appears white before stop. According to the present author, it is whites+17 and blacks+10.

In addition, fine-tune the photos, temperature to 5900, tint+22, vibrance+18, saturation+58.

6 Select the curve, as shown below to increase the picture contrast.

7 Select the upper left tool column adjustment brush, and then sweep the area as follows, press Y can show the sweep of the place, set the exposure+25 and clarity+42, so that the peaks and brighter prospects.

8 The reflection of the water needs to be brighter and clearer, so choose new one, then sweep the following areas, Exposure+1.45,contrast+18 and clarity+33.

9 enlarge The picture point, the stone in the middle is too bright to lose the detail, so open a new brush to sweep, Exposure-1.25.

10 open a new brush to handle the position on the right side of the mountain, exposure+0.80, contrast+25.

11 in order to enable the audience to focus more on the center of the photo, so the new brush dimming the following areas, Exposure-0.50.

12 You can put the picture in the lower left corner to 100% size, and then to the detail noise reduction, select luminance to 45, and then the sharpening amount to 45, Radius 0.8 In addition, press ALT to pull masking slider to 31.

Camera Raw window at the bottom there is a line of blue words, with Adobe RGB (1998): 8bit ..., click in, then select depth for Bits/channel, then press OK, then select the lower right corner of the open Image, Use Photoshop for the final processing.

14 in Photoshop Press ALT to press new Layer icon will pop up this window, renamed to Dodge Burn, then select Mode as Overlay, then tick fill with overlay-neutral color (50%gray )

15 Use brush tool with white and 10%opacity to light not bright enough clouds, in addition, black to dim too light place, until satisfied. Then select Background and Dodge Burn, press Ctrl+shift+alt+e to synthesize a new layer, and use right click to convert the new layer to smart Object.

16 The new layer into a sharp tool, to Filter>other>high Pass, select radius of 2.3,ok after the layer of blending mode selected as overlay.

17 Because the sky did a gradient, feel a bit stiff, so select background and Dodge Burn, and then press Ctrl+shift+alt+e to synthesize a new layer, and to filter>noise>add noise, Select Amount 2, distribution for Gaussian and tick monochromatic can be selected.

Finished! output to JPG, a strong contrast, there are rich details and gray-scale works appear!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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