Photoshop quickly makes a translucent jade icon

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Photoshop quickly makes a translucent jade icon . Make jade material is the most important color and light sense, color to mellow, light sense to be transparent, so the high light part is indispensable, but also should pay attention to reflect the backlight area as well as the shadow of the processing, so combined can fully show the luster of the jade, and the three-dimensional full.

Final effect

1. First, create a new canvas, set the background color to #aaab9e, and then use the oval shape tool to build the doughnut graph as shown in the previous illustration, and set the ring color to #e2e9d3 with a Boolean operation.

2, double click on the ring layer, pop-up layer style window, and then edit the layer style, we will use the "bevel and emboss, contour, inner shadow, projection," several attributes, their respective values are as follows.

3, Next, we make some natural texture of jade, another new canvas (size larger than the circle), the foreground color and background color for black and white, and then use the filter > Render > Cloud, get the picture, you can repeatedly until you want the pattern.

4, the last cloud texture copied to the ring, in the texture layer right click to select "Create clipping Mask", and use "color deepen", the transparency set to 37%, such a lifelike jade texture icon to complete the subject.

You can also add some rope-line modifications, and make some adjustments to the texture, with brushes and filters to make some extra reinforcement, which looks more realistic.

Final effect:

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