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The idea of making a portrait is basically close to the process: first, the characters alone, the background of a single picture can not be pulled, and then use the Channel or palette tool to extract portrait of the Dark area, and then enter the text, a little to do some typesetting after the merged into a layer; people like the dark part of the selection copy text to get preliminary text portrait; Add some colors.

Final effect

1, open the material to be processed, and then CTRL + L to open the color level adjustment of the character's brightness, parameters are as follows.

2, then the menu--Filter-– Sketch-note paper, the parameters are as follows (the characters are fixed according to the current foreground color you set, I use blue).

3, after the determination, ctrl+alt+2 the character highlights to the part, press Ctrl+shift+i reverse, and then press CTRL+J to create a layer of layers out.

4, start typing, here step a bit more, typing content can be done according to their own needs, such as personal introduction of what not to play punctuation, not all hit a layer, divided into two layers to do: small, big characters.

"Big Font", hit the text you want, adjust the font size, and then replace the text font (coarse some fonts), the font is too thin, not a lot of types, a few are enough. After finishing the typesetting, combine those big fonts into one layer to name the characters.

5, now start playing "small font".

Mainly the text around in typing around, other places, with small print fill, try not to copy, or copy more places will appear tiled the same texture phenomenon, if the image area is larger, that use copy also line, but remember to change font and size.

More font input, you can set up a group out of the Special small print (select to combine the text layer press CTRL+G) This is a physical work, slowly get it, encountered a large area of the image needs a little time. I want to say, I this material will let a person collapse, took a full two hours to spread, like cross-stitch! When you do, you can reduce the image to some proportions to avoid wasting time. If you're going to pass the time, talk about it. I've almost put a short story in. The effect of doing well is as follows:

(Just for practicing can copy a section of the Internet casually ...).


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