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PS Tutorial Effect Chart

1, open the image copy layer to be processed, the implementation of "image → adjustment → matching color" tick "" and ": if the skin is too green to perform

Edit → fade matching color, adjust the color matching intensity, if the feeling is appropriate this step can not be used.

2, press ctrl+j key to a new layer 1 copy, set the layer blending mode for the filter, that is, filter the photos on the black. Brighten the photo,

(in addition, the exposure of the landscape photos to brighten, processing when copying a new landscape layer, but also with this color method) set the opacity to 60%.

3, press shift+ctrl+alt+e key layer to get a new layer 2, sharpen below, sharpen the number of photos according to the size of the file can be set to sharpen the number of

Values are: 150-250. Perform "filter → sharpen →usm sharpening". Reference parameters:

4, the use of noise reduction filter skin grinding. I think this method of grinding the skin is best because reducing the noise is mainly focused on the blue,

The face spots on the green channel have no effect on the sharpness and detail of the pure color areas such as facial features and hair, and. The key is not to complicate

Bad control of The Mask, Blur, Eraser and other tools, patterns of use, and the effect is good.

Perform filter → noise → reduce noise, reference parameter settings: Filter setting parameters for each channel, such as right: Red strength 10 retention details

100%. Green Intensity 10 retention details 5%; Blue Intensity 10 retention details 4%; green, blue the smaller the value of the details, the more paste the grinding skin. If you feel the skin

It's not going to take this step below, if you feel it's over, executable: Edit/stabilize noise/Select a value of 90.

5, flatten the layer, if you think the contrast is not good enough, you can perform: image-adjustment-brightness/contrast. If you think the color of Kuai is yellow

You can also perform: image-adjust-color balance. Final effect:

    • PS Image Processing
    • PS Grinding Course
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