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When we take photos of people, we often encounter this situation, the background light is sufficient, and the character face can not get enough illumination, the last shot of the picture is like

As shown in Figure 1, the facial exposure of a person is insufficient. How can you make a character's face light up? If you use a dummy software to adjust the face exposure, when the face is lit up, the background

Probably all over the exposure, the photos are obsolete. Below, we describe how to modify the exposure of a person's face by using PS to ensure background exposure is normal,

Restore the real appearance of the character (see Figure 2 for a finely tuned result).


Figure 1

  Photoshop Tutorial Effects chart

Figure 2

A simple but not perfect facial lighting skills

Shadow/Highlight commands are tools used to quickly handle photo exposure issues. In the PS Adjustment Command menu, we can find the shadow in the bottom position.

The highlight command, by using this command, we can quickly adjust the face exposure.

With the shadow/Highlight Command dialog box open, we can see the two command sliders in the Command dialog box, shaded and highlight respectively. They control the dark part of the picture, respectively.

and the brightness of the bright part. In Figure 1, the face of the character is badly exposed, so we move the shadow slider to the right to increase the brightness value of the dark part. We set the shadow value to 50%

(Fig 3), to see the final results, the character's face details have been restored, while the correct exposure of the background changes are not large, the problem of the exposure of the person has been corrected.

Figure 3

Tip: Shadow/Highlight commands can also achieve more accurate adjustment, check the bottom of the dialog box "show more Options", we can open the Advanced Command window

(Fig. 4) For more detailed adjustments. We can control the adjustment of the shadow or the high light by adjusting the quantity, using the tonal width and radius to control the application adjustment.

The range size, using color correction, you can adjust the tone of the photo, adjust the midtones contrast, you can strengthen the picture in the gray area contrast.

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    • PS Image Processing
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