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The completion of the image processing, do save is an essential step, otherwise the operation is white waste. When you click the Save As command under the File menu, there are many kinds of drop-down menus in the format that you can choose from. Here are a few common save formats for you.

(i) Photoshop format--psd

Photoshop pioneered a "layer revolution" to keep images in order, and to save these layers, you need to use the Photoshop private format psd. Starting with Photoshop version 5.0, two of its proprietary formats are available, one in direct Photoshop format and the other in Photoshop 2.0 format. Maybe friends who are familiar with Photoshop know that Since its 5.0 release, the effects (special effects) feature is applied directly to the layer, so it is saved directly in the current version format when it is saved in a PSD format and is not available using Photoshop below version 5.0. The 2.0 format is compatible with Photoshop's earliest PSD format, which means you don't have a "layer" save format.

(ii) TIFF format--tif

TIFF is the English tag Image File format abbreviation, which was developed early on the Apple platform by Aldus, and has now developed into a super format across the general PC and Mac platforms. TIF format, so that it not only in the image format plays a pivotal role, it also directly affects the printing industry, its available platform, software very much, thus strengthening its general level. Saving the TIF format in Photoshop allows the user to choose whether to use a PC or an Apple format, and to opt for compression, which uses LZW compression compression, an almost lossless compression type, including the famous Freehand, PageMaker, illustrator and other software support this kind of compressed TIF format.

(iii) EPS format--eps

EPS format is a specially designed format for object-oriented graphics, which allows users to output to PostScript output devices, in Photoshop it has a complete EPS format translation engine, so that users can interpret with illustrator, FreeHand, PageMaker, CorelDRAW and other vector software created by the EPS art design, including the embedded EPS map.

When a user opens an EPS-formatted document, Photoshop converts the vector graphics of these objects into a bitmap image. It also allows users to make EPS format conversion selection settings (rasterize Generic EPS Format) dialog box, so that users can customize the resolution and image size and color mode. The EPS format is the only format in many formats that allows users to save with path in Photoshop.

There are two options for using EPS to save formatting in Photoshop: The output device for PostScript, the dot-matrix preview so you can see the thumbnail image on the screen. Include Halftone screen is to retain the print properties using the EPS format: If you use the Screen button in Page Setup to specify halftone screens, you can choose to store this item. Include Transfer Function, which can be saved if you use the Transfer button in Page Setup to change the light and shade contrast of the printed image. PostScript Color Management, if you use the Pspprinter Options button in Page Setup to set the color management of the print image, you can choose to store it.

(iv) PICT format--pic

PICT is the English Macintosh picture abbreviation. The PICT format is one of the few formats that can control object vector graphics and bitmap images. is the original format of the Apple system software graphics, let the system use QuickDraw to translate the graphics to the screen. When the user selects the PICT format, Photoshop will provide the JPEG compression option. The PICT format allows users to use a non-PostScript output device, or a PICT format picture in a clerical processing software such as word.

(v) JPEG format--jpg

JPEG format is the most efficient and most important compression format in every platform environment, and is also a very popular compression standard, especially on the Internet. However, JPEG format is a destructive compression, JPEG format to save more storage space and sacrificing the quality of the image, although the user can choose to compress the compression level. There is a JPEG2000 format, compression quality than JPEG has many advantages, may be the next generation of image compression jiao jiao.

(vi) DCS format--dcs

DCS is the English desktop Color separtion abbreviation, has the DCS1.0 and the DCS2.0 form the cent, originally was by the quick company from the EPS format evolution. This format allows you to print the input graphic in color separations, and if your EPS file is CMYK, Photoshop displays an extra desktop color separtion (desktop color) option, and when you select the DCS format, press Save, There will be another DCs format dialog in Photoshop, and when you press "OK", you will store a total of five picture documents for C, M, Y, K, and one main document, respectively.

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