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The Last post is about the Japanese fresh elegant style portrait, I call it "LC" style (lighten colour)

As we said in the previous post, the LC style needs to be converted to lab colors, but only to copy the name of the channel, but actually does not involve the color palette, after all, elegant portrait

The highlight is the mood, not the color. So some friends may feel that this style, although pleasing to the eye, but not crisp. Indeed, this palette style is used to give a very gentle temper to that

Cute temperament girl to match, can greatly foil the personal charm of MM. and LC style is suitable for the kind of slightly exposed some light-colored high-profile photos, but if the photo itself is to

The color is good, then this style is very not applicable.

In order to solve this problem, I wall a large bundle of tobacco, I finally thought of the solution ~ ~ ~ ~ "LVC" style (lighten Vivid colour)

and light Color system LC style is different, LVC belong to heavy color color palette idea (of course there is no color bias, I hate color bias, who and I mention what lomo,ab I with who anxious!) Feature is color

Fresh and beautiful, high color, suitable for that kind of color very much environment, or that kind of sunshine live wave Girl (relative to this kind of girls I prefer a bit of color t_t).

Of course, LVC on the early requirements of the photos are very high, generally require mm face on the basis of normal exposure +1/3~2/3ev. (Definitely not more than, plus the increase in brightness has become a big white face,

Dark and not, there will be noise.

Well, here's the tutorial,

Photoshop Tutorial Final effect diagram:

This is still the original film ~ ~ ~

Adjust the color level so that the bright part of the dark part of the entire histogram is filled with this step should be all people get the photo color when the subconscious do, but I see here can be a few people think of it!

The curve is moderately bright (the original piece of people's face exposure is correct but I want a slightly brighter effect)

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