Photoshop Show warm location couples hand Photo effect tutorial

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The tutorial uses Photoshop to pull out the warm scene couple hand picture effect, the color palette is changes the specific tonal, forms the different feeling the other tonal picture.

The correct way to learn color, first of all, is to carefully interpret the color composition of Photoshop theory, first of all, the theory of color composition chipboard, and then take some typical demonstrations for practice, with this foundation,

It's a good run.

Color is not only the reflection of the objective world but also the feeling of the subjective world. Some tone some people will stick for the supreme treasure, others may be regarded as rubbish, this completely belongs to the "radish greens, their own strokes" problem,

But it also reflects the fact that color is both objective and subjective.

Although the color rendering technology is numerous and complex, dazzling. But philosophically speaking, everything has regularity, the key is how we recognize and master this law. Similarly, the color palette has a strong regularity, the most

Mainly involves the color composition theory, the color pattern transformation theory, the channel theory, the use tool mainly involves the color level, the curve, the color balance, the hue/The saturation, the optional color, the channel mixer, the gradual mapping, the information Panel,

Color Picker and so on some of the most important basic palette tools.

Effect Chart:



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