Photoshop simple steps to process a photo vector effect tutorial

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See a friend to do the character image vector graphics effect, it is very interesting, his method is to increase the contrast with the pen tool outline, so I took out the photos also want to make vector, the results enhance contrast,

I broke down, because my hair is curly, this I want to tick when ah ...

After strengthening the contrast, the amount of ... This hair is too many burrs, ah, this is good.

So, obsessive-compulsive disorder, start looking for ways to speed up the completion.

Ohye, finally found, a minute to fix!

I did, the original artwork and the effect diagram:

The following is a tutorial:

1, open the picture, first the mode into grayscale, and then increase the brightness contrast, adjust the brightness to their own satisfaction.

2, open the channel, press the CTRL key to load the gray selection, and reverse the election.

3, switch to the path, click the Fourth button to generate a work path from the selection.

4, select "Edit-Define Custom Shape" on the menu

5. Hide all layers, create a new layer, select the Custom Shape tool, and find the shape you just defined.

6. Hold down the SHIFT key to pull out the shape and fill in the color of your own satisfaction.

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