Photoshop simple to make metal texture text effects

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This tutorial is to introduce the use of layer styles and tools such as gradient to make metal texture of the text, make sure to highlight the texture of the text, grasp the use of high light.

Final effect

1. Create a new 300px * 300px files, background filled with black, select the Text tool to play text, text color: #787878, to choose a more coarse font like Figure 1, such as double click Layer style to select bevel and emboss, parameter settings such as Figure 2, the effect is as Figure 3

< map 1>

< map 2>

< map 3>

2. Press the CTRL point layer to bring up the text selection, create a new Layer selection menu: select > Modify > Shrink the value to 8, and then fill in the dark gray: #343434, as shown in Figure 4

< map 4>

3. Create a new layer, put the layer large enough, and then use the rectangular marquee tool to draw a 3-pixel high rectangle as shown in Figure 5, filled with dark gray: #383838, after filling, as shown in Figure 6, draw a 1-pixel rectangular fill in the middle position in light gray: #696969

< map 5>

< map 6>

4. Copy the stripes just made, then merge the stripes, the stripes need to be longer to cover the length of the text, and then bring up the text of the selection, select menu: select > Modify > Shrink the value of 8, press CTRL Shift I deselect the delete effect as shown in Figure 7

< figure 7> 5. Create a new layer, slightly enlarge the layer with a line tool the foreground color is set to: #DADADA, draw three straight lines as shown in Figure 8

< map 8>

6. Continue with the line tool to draw a straight line as shown in Figure 9-10, after completing the drawing of several lines of the layer merge

< map 9>

< map 10>

7. The selection of the line by Ctrl-point layer is shown in Figure 11. Then select the menu: select > Modify > Expand the value to 1, the effect is as shown in Figure 12, create a new layer fill color: #5A5A5A, press CTRL [, move the layer down one layer, figure 13, and then merge the two layers

< map 11>

< map 12>

< map 13>

8. Press the CTRL point layer to bring up the layer style selection projection, the parameters themselves grasp, the effect is as shown in Figure 14

< map 14>

9. Then appropriate to the layer constantly copied, transform angle to complete the final effect.

< map 15>

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