Photoshop simple to synthesize a big mouth K song of the Pear tutorial

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5th step: Then, on the Sun Mirror Shadow layer, will be more than the projection of the pear deleted hidden away!

6th step: After that, I will continue to handle the mouth. Select the area within the mouth, select it with the Lasso tool, and then press CTRL + Shift + I to reverse. This will make it easier for me to adjust my lip tones.

7th step: Then, I execute, Ctrl + U, to call hue saturation. Adjust the hue and saturation of the mouth and the degree of visibility until the lip color is similar to the green color of the pear.

It's like this result.

8th step: Then I use the above method to deal with the shadow of the mouth, (sunglasses shadow method).

9th step: The final steps are to beautify the environment, so that the pear looks like on the stage. First, on the back of the pear, add a new blank layer and draw an oval with a hard side brush.

Then, cover it with a black and red color gradient.

10th step: I draw another oval, using the soft side of the brush, which will make the effect of the spotlight.

The final step is to use a black and red gradient to bring out a beautiful background.

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