Photoshop simply makes text-like effects similar to parcels

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Final effect

1. Create a new 300PX * 200PX file background fill color: #A7DCE0, select the Text tool to fill the text color: #A7DCE0, text font to choose a thicker font. Then create a new layer with the rectangle selection tool to draw a rectangle, and then select the Gradient tool, select a linear gradient, color settings such as Figure 1, the effect is as shown in Figure 2

< map 1>

< map 2>

2. Using the Ellipse selection tool to draw an ellipse above the gradient shape, then press DELETE to delete as shown in Figure 3, and then draw a selection again as Figure 4. Press CTRL shift I to remove the selection by pressing Delete, and then draw a vertical oval selection as shown in Figure 5 Press CTRL Shift I Select to delete a selection section by pressing DELETE

&lt; map 3&gt; &lt; figure 4&gt; &lt; figure 5&gt;3. The appropriate magnification layer, with the ellipse selection tool drawn as Figure 6 selection Press CTRL Shift I deselect and then press DELETE to delete the selection, press CTRL D to cancel the selection, move the graphic to the lower left corner of the text press CTRL J two times to copy the copy of the 2 layer to hide, copy 2 move to the upper-left corner of the text, as shown in Figure 7, the appropriate transformation angle, OK and then press Ctrl J to copy a layer selection menu: Edit &gt; Transform &gt; Horizontal Flip Effect as shown in Figure 8 < figure 6> < 7>

< map 8>

4. Just flip the graphic to the appropriate transformation angle as shown in Figure 9, and then bring up the layer style projection parameter settings such as Figure 10, the effect is as shown in the

< map 9>

< 10>

< 11>

5. Press CTRL J to copy a layer of the projected layer, press CTRL Shift [move to the bottom, and then select the appropriate transformation angle, as shown in Figure 12,Then repeat the operation until the left side of the text is decorated as shown in Figure 13, press CTRL to select the shape on the left of the text, CTRL T deformation as shown in

&lt; figure 12&gt; &lt; figure 13&gt; &lt; 14&gt;6. Select the first shape on top of the text and press CTRL J to copy a layer to the middle of the text and then the appropriate deformation and transformation angle like figure 15-16, then go back to the first shape above the text and then press CTRL J Copy a layer of appropriate deformation and transformation angle as shown in Figure 17 &lt; figure 15&gt; < map 16>

< map 17>

7. Continuous decorative text to the top of the middle of the text when the copied graphics moved to the top effect as shown in Figure 18-20

&lt; figure 18&gt; < map 19>

< map 20>

8. Display the hidden graphics and move to the upper-left corner of the text Select menu: Edit > Transform > Clockwise rotate 90 degrees as Figure 22, then the appropriate deformation, and then the exposed part of the Lasso tool selected to delete as shown in Figure 24, and then copy the resulting layer to the right as Figure 25

&lt; figure 21&gt; &lt; figure 22&gt;

< map 23>

&lt; figure 24&gt; < diagram 25>9. Add a new layer to the top and use the pen tool to pull out the selection fill color shown in Figure 26 #afafaf do not deselect the selection menu: select > Modify > Shrink value to 2 fill white as Figure 27, in the appropriate text as shown in Figure 28 center> < figure 26> < 27>

< map 28>

10. Combine the several layers you have just made to fit the transformation angle as shown in Figure 29, and then draw an oval fill color with the ellipse selection tool: #AFAFAF如图30, do not cancel the selection, move the selection to the right one pixel fill white as shown in Figure 31, Then move one pixel to the right click Delete as shown in Figure 32, select the Eraser tool to erase the extra line effect, as shown in Figure 33, to get the final result.

< figure 29> < 30>

& lt; figure 31>

< figure 32>

< Figure 3 3>

< 34>

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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