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  The Sketch (sketch) filter is used to create the effect of a freehand image, simplifying the color of the image. (Note: This type of filter cannot be applied in CMYK and lab mode)

1. Conte Crayon (Carbon pen filter)

Function: can be used to simulate the texture effect of carbon pen. Use the foreground color in the dark area and replace it with the background color in the light area.

Adjust parameters:

Foreground color Order: Adjusts the action strength of the prospect colors.

Background color: Adjusts the intensity of the background color.

We can select a texture, adjust it by scaling and highlighting the slider, but only if the highlight value is greater than zero.

Illumination Direction: Specifies the direction in which the light source is irradiated.

Invert: You can invert the light and dark colors of an image.

Graphic effect:

Original image Carbon Pen effect

2, halftone patterns (halftone pattern filter)

Function: Simulate the effect of halftone screen, and maintain continuous tonal range.

Adjust parameters:

Size: You can adjust the size of the pattern.

Contrast: You can adjust the contrast of the image.

Pattern type: Includes circle, Dot and line three pattern types.

Graphic effect:

The effect of halftone pattern of original image

3. Note Paper (paper filter)

Function: Simulate the effect of paper relief. Similar to the effects of granular filters and embossed filters on images.

Adjust parameters:


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