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To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis to share a change in the sky post-processing tutorial.
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What color is the sky?
On this question, the dog wants you to answer without wasting too much brain cells.
The sky, of course, is blue, but occasionally in the capital haze and our sad mood of the map looked a little gray ...
Then please open your cameras and computers and flip through the pictures of the sky that you have taken before.

Do you feel especially sorry for the SLR you bought at the big price?
Well, or the old saying, the early mistakes of the late save! Dog, teach you how? It grew tall?

1 Adjust the original film
Open the original slice in Photoshop and adjust the exposure with the curve. The principle is to try to retrieve the details of the photos as much as possible, especially the location of the junction of the building and the sky, it is best to make the edges clear and help us to pull back.

▲ the use of curve tools to try more dozen anchor points to control exposure, of course, can not be arbitrary pull, our principle or photo is not distorted.
2 make a selection to replace the sky
Then we need to find a suitable picture of the sky in the long Internet, of course, if it is to shoot the sky material is better. The dog chooses the following:

▲ Choose the sky material to consider the original piece of the situation, including composition, light and so on.
Because the original film is also the backlight shooting, the source of this material with the original position of the light source is basically consistent, and the position of the cloud in the material just can fill the original piece of blank.
Now we're starting to pull the map to make a selection.
We use the Quick selection tool to select the Sky section:

For this constituency, we're going to use the "adjustment edge" to make adjustments to make it more natural:

▲ slightly increase the "smooth" and "feather" values, so that the edge is not so sharp.
Then we have to do a very important step.
Keep this selection fixed and create a new layer. In the new layer, paint the selection part with a painted bucket black. (Any color can be, but the dog is easily painted black)

Then we will import the sky material and put the sky material on the top of the color layer that we just painted.
Right-click on the sky layer and select "Create Clipping Mask".

▲ The material layer will become this way
Let's see what happens:

▲ The black part of the original layer is replaced by the sky material.
The advantage of using the "clipping mask" is that we can move, enlarge, and shrink the sky material as needed, and always have only the original black part replaced by the sky material.
Is this more intelligent than a direct mask?
3 Adjusting Colors
To do this step, we change the day's work basically finished almost. We just need to unify the footage with the original color and make them look like the same picture.
Adjust the color of the dog is also the most traditional curve tool selected.

▲ Adjust the Sky section

▲ Adjust the building part

▲ Finally, the overall color palette

Well, the above information is small compiled for you photoshop This software users brought to the details of the post-change Sky post-processing tutorials to share the full content of the You see the users here, small knitting believe you are now very clear tutorial, then everyone now go to their own try it.

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