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To the users of Photoshop software to the detailed analysis to share some of the image to add a watermark method.
Method Sharing:
First of all, try not to be too big, do not let watermark distracting affect the picture itself.
The watermark is positioned as neatly as possible and can be considered to align or interact with some of the screen elements.
If it is a photographic work, especially the scenery class, my custom is to design a small icon which is associated with the subject, and then with 20xx Carl Armen Photography such as improve bigger (slightly loaded) text.
Color, I used to use a color of the screen directly to color.
In short, is to make the watermark into a personal logo, a part of the screen layout.
Not much to say, above the picture.
Small icon design + retro English font + Align center layout.

This is Notre Dame, and it took a little thought. The watermark is made into the picture space with the effect of perspective, light and depth.

The F1 competition in Barcelona, with a dynamic-style font, is matched with a logo made from the site map of the Catalan circuit.

The Sacred Family Cathedral, then directly using the building's external façade photo vectorization to the seal style with text:

Take part in the photo of the Cannes Advertising Festival, the text of the personal information uses the same font as the Advertising festival logo, and the logo is integrated into the remote mountain fog.

The watermark is made on the cup and the surface of the cup is deformed.

Enclose the method of making Notre Dame watermark:
First, we open this picture in PS and make a good base watermark.

Put the watermark in the appropriate position of the picture, according to the picture space perspective, using the free transform tool to deform

Copy a layer, slightly translate, and fill a deep hue (from the darkest part of the photo) to create a sense of thickness.

Create a clipping mask by creating a new layer above the top-level layer. With the brush tool, according to the candle and the space relationship between the text and lighting effects of color, there is no skill, mainly on the light and Shadow feel.

Merge these three layers

And then we started using the Blur tool

It can be used to partially blur the grid layer. We use the fuzzy tool to deal with the watermark locally according to the desired depth of the area:

The sense of space level appears!
After that, take advantage of some layer effects (such as the gradient overlay I use, the inner shadow) for its hue, light, brightness and so on to further adjust (color as far as possible from the original photo to take color, to ensure the unity of the picture tone). At the same time to the location of the watermark, and then do some fine-tuning:

As a result, we have a stereo watermark with spatial depth effect.

There are, of course, many flaws in this case. For example, if you do not use the Blur tool, and the gradient alpha channel with a number of professional depth of field plug-ins, will have a spot, focal external ghosting and other more delicate elements of the virtual Coke effect; The text itself can add some texture, and so on. The pursuit of details of the perfect is endless, here is only a piece of thinking, share a superficial idea-watermarks are not necessarily translucent pressure on the diagram, it can be part of the picture.
Enclose the method of vector watermarking in the photo of the Holy Home Hall:
For example, I want to do the CCTV building vector watermark, so first look for material map:

Similar to this. Then we first use PS to deal with:

Pull the map and turn it into black and white.
Then, turn on the AI, create a new document, and drag this layer of Photoshop directly into the AI document.

Here is the play, real time tracing

Select the last tracing option, and then test the various set combinations inside

Black and white seal it! After we have expanded into a graphic, we get a vector badge. And then with a variety of text design, it is successful ~

Match in the picture ~

Okay, the above information is small make up to you photoshop this software users brought to the details of a number of watermark to the image of the method of sharing all the content, you see the users here, small series believe that you are now very clear method of it, Hope that the small part of the sharing can bring useful help to everyone.

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