Photoshop super simple late retention texture of the grinding method of the repair map tutorial

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First of all, the image of the tutorial is not a fine repair because I was lying in bed with a notebook to write, and now I don't even have a table to mix the poor color is not adjusted

The main way to talk about this method of the revision of the nonsense said no more ...


Effect Chart:

First copy two layers

Then select the layer a Gaussian blur fuzzy size control at the edge of the contour not too much blur can be mainly blurred facial texture

Then select a copy of the layer for High contrast retention numerical control we can see the bottom of the texture are out on it can not be too small slightly larger point can also play the role of sharpening ...

Then select the High Contrast retention layer layer mode to change to linear light so that the skin texture is mapped to the Gaussian blur layer ...

Then select the Clone Stamp tool to repair the skin on a Gaussian blur layer. Because the skin texture on the top of the layer so will not affect the texture of any of the existing ...

There's nothing to say about this, because this one's fixed, easy.

and normal stamp repair time is almost the same ...

Only steps do not understand the theory then is equal to a robot ... Theory:

This is the use of high contrast to retain the texture of the face to retain because high contrast retains only the light and dark, so the middle of some of the bumps are ignored

and fuzzy layer is in order not to allow high contrast to retain the texture overlay to the original texture to create two times texture overlap Sharp through this on the fuzzy layer can use a stamp to the bump of the dirty things can be off

I'm so tired, my arms are all crushed. Okay, I'm more free to volunteer.

Normal should also be repaired under the contour and hyperbolic repair can be really no way can only talk about the next step of the color of anything also did not tune ...

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