Photoshop synthetic beauty and parrots in the air flying Splash effect Tutorial

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Tutorial learning how to use Photoshop to synthesize flying in the air beauty and parrots, mainly used in the mask, adjust the layer of the characters and materials for the fusion, the late characters of the edge of the use of splash brush to improve the effect,

Like this effect of friends can follow the tutorial with us to learn.

Look at the effect chart first

Open a beautiful picture, with a quick selection tool to roughly dig out.

New document 1020x1100 pixels, black background, drag the beauty into the document.

Open the Parrot material.

Pull out the parrot drag into the document, add a mask to remove the wood bracket, position as follows.

Open the paint material.

To drag the back into the document. Placed at the bottom of the parrot, and then with the lasso divided into 2 parts, the effect of hiding the parrot is as follows.

Layer 5 The top of the hue/saturation adjustment layer, make it blue, and then create a new layer 4, the foreground color #f2cc00 brush smear, layer mode color, all form a clipping mask, so that the bottom paint yellow,

Copy the hue/Saturation adjustment layer to layer 3, the overall effect is to form a yellow color on the blue.

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