Photoshop Synthetic creative Chinese wind ink effect works Tutorial

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The creation process of the whole set of works is as follows:

1, to find a large-caliber transparent glass jar, 80% of the water;

2, buy a better bottle of ink, and a certain amount of water (measured by feeling). One hand with a brush ink dripping into the water, the other hand camera shooting (I use the Panasonic LX2 Card machine shooting),

On the side of the drop ink shooting;

Note: As the ink and water reflective relatively strong, such as shooting with a flashlight, you must add a polarizing mirror correction, and the actual film drop ink, due to the ink color change faster, plus also have to control the trend of the ink, need a handheld machine,

Another hand to write, inconvenient to use SLR shooting, so choose Panasonic LX3 card machine complete filming, so also did not use Flash. But in order to ensure the quality of the Ink drop screen, you need to choose a sunny day,

Find a shade, light evenly place to do the filming work.

3, in the computer repeatedly watched the film, to find a similar pattern with nature;

4, in their own photo gallery to find a pattern can be grafted with pictures, in Photoshop synthesis.

First look at the final effect chart:

The specific PS tutorial is as follows:

(1) Ready to use the material, including three pieces of ink pictures, a black cat and a picture of Populus euphratica.

(2) Open the material drop ink one; double-click the background layer to change the property name to Layer 1.

(3) Adding a layer mask; using the color range in the Mask Control Panel, click on the white part of the material, check the reverse phase, and the tolerance value will be based on the desired effect of the screen.

(4) The introduction of the cat head and cat tail ink drop material, using the above method will be two materials to the back, the use of free transformation to adjust the size and image, so that the image lively natural up.

(5) A new background color for the white A4 format size of the file, will Populus euphratica, the production of good cat and layer of material, import, the three layer of the property changed to dim, with the free transform to adjust the size of the cat and cloud,

Make the image real and natural.

(6) The three layers are built by eraser to the unwanted images, the works are completed.

Final effect!

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