Photoshop Synthetic off-road vehicles in the wind and rain

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This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to synthesize in the wind and rain driving off-road vehicle, the tutorial only introduces the effect chart production idea, many synthesizes the part, like the sky, the water surface, the road surface and so on all need to dissolve the picture, then the unification color, then joins the automobile, and renders the whole color. Like friends let us study together.

Final effect

1, first put all the material together well.

2, first look at the scene.

3, the sky to darken, increase the intensity of a contrast.

4, reduce the saturation of the sea and rock, and then run a layer of light blue.

5, show the car layer.

6, to the car plus projection.

7, reduce the car's saturation, and then run a layer of blue-gray.

8, the final effect, the overall deepening of the contrast of light and shade, texture is through the contrast of light and shade to make.

    • PS Composite Picture Tutorial

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