Photoshop Synthetic violin beauty fantasy style scene effect tutorial

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In the tutorial I'll show you some tricks to create a fantasy effect. This effect we use to "fill" technology to enhance the shadow and light contrast, I hope you can grasp something.

Final effect:

1. First in PS to open the "balcony" of the picture, of course, you can also use other pictures, mainly to see how you think of this effect. and use the Pen tool to pick it up along the edge of the tile,

and delete, open the "background" picture, put it under the balcony layer below, the following figure has mountains and sky, you can download one online.

2. Open "small draw girl" picture, with "pen tool" pick down, use "Free transform" resize, placed on the balcony, of course, you can also use a standing violin girl picture.

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3. Before the next step, we have to adjust the background layer and balcony layer, I want to make this effect is blue, first click on the layers panel below the "Create a new fill or adjust the layer" select "Levels" and

Hue/saturation and color balance are adjusted as shown in the following figure. To enhance the edge brightness of the balcony tiles, I used the "Filter > Styling > Illuminated Edges" and changed the layer blending mode to

Filter, set opacity to 50%

4. First adjust the girl, copy the Girl Layer two times, and right click on the "Girl" two copy layer, select "Create Clipping mask." Select the first duplicate layer,

Click on the "Filter > Sharpen >USM", set the number 215%, radius 0.3 pixels, threshold of 3 color levels, complete the conversion into a smart layer. When you select a second replication layer,

Select Filter > Blur > Surface blur, set a radius of 2 pixels, and then hold down the ALT key with the mouse click to add a layer mask, add a black layer mask, and then use the soft corner brush

Smear the girl out of the skin and let it be unaffected by the blur.

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