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Note: To use the path text function, the Photoshop version must be at least 8.0 (also known as Photoshop CS)

Use a pen first Tools (For more information about how to draw an open path, see the Tutorial at the end)

Then, use a text tool to place the cursor on the path. The time mark changes.

You need Start Click the text field to enter the text.

In the input process, the text will be arranged according to the path


There will be a line vertical to the path at the place you click, which is the starting point of the text

The end point of the path is changed to a small circle, which represents the end point of the text.

That is:

The line starting from the place you clicked to the circle is the text display range.

For example:

You can use a common mobile tool to move the entire text segment.

Or use the path selection tool and directly select the start and end points of the tool to move text.

In this way, you can change the placement of text in the path.

Note that if a + sign is displayed in the small circle at the end

It means that the display range you define is smaller than the minimum length required by the text.

At this time, part of the text will be hidden (note: English Hide or display words in units. It is impossible to display half words)

To hide the path and start end point

You can press the √ button in the top toolbar or press ENTER

Now let's open the path Panel and take a look.

For example:

Two paths in the same shape coexist.


Because the path text Principle That is, copy the target path and arrange the text on it.

At this time, the text has nothing to do with the previously drawn path.

Even if we delete the original path, the text format will not change.

Similarly, even if we modify the path format originally drawn, We will not change the text arrangement.

This is important


The text path cannot be deleted from the path panel unless you delete the text layer from the layers panel.

To modify the text arrangement, select the text path on the path panel.

The text arrangement path is displayed.

Then, use the path selection tool or directly select the tool and click where the text path is slightly deviated (that is, when the start point/end point is not adjusted ).

You will see the same anchor and direction line as the normal path.

Then, use the conversion point tool to adjust the path format (specific path adjustment ). Method Refer to the tutorial link at the end)

For example:

In addition to arranging text along open paths

You can also place the text in a closed path (Specific drawing of a closed path ). Method Refer to the tutorial link at the end)

Here we use a ready-made shape to draw a closed path

For example:

Adjust the text size and spacing. Effect

Then we use the shape we first drew.

Create a new effect for surrounding objects arranged along the path.

For example:

Note that:

We are not the first Text Created on the basis

On the path panel, you can see

When the text path is selected, it cannot be arranged along the path (the cursor will not change)

However, this can only be performed when the initial path is selected.

The second text effect is not as effective as the first text. Link Of

They are located in two independent layers in the layer panel.


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