Photoshop tips for making orange-textured stereo words

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The production of three-dimensional stone and three-dimensional word production method, just in the production of the need to give the text to increase the surface of some stone texture and crack. Other details can be added to your liking.

  The final effect of the Photoshop tutorial

Analysis of the reference map, from the color, shape and details of the various parts of the master text structure.

1, the new size appropriate file, background filled with dark gray. Select the Type tool and the font is set to "Star Jedi".

With the path of micro-deformation: principle, Bing Imagine a law of stone type.

2, the text copy a layer, placed below, adjust position, make thickness feeling. Use the path tool to handle the connection, and set 2 color separation levels.

3, the next is according to the heart of the light source to each of the good shade. You can use the path with the drawing.

4, add details, such as cracks, corners of the wear, anti-white. Pay attention to the crack not too much, wear not too bad, otherwise it will look very broken.

5, add texture: After finished press CTRL + ALT + Shift + E-stamped layer standby. Next choose a more appropriate rock texture, go to color, adjust a suitable contrast, and then press ALT to create a clipping mask.

6, add projection: Copy a merge layer, go color, stretching. After the mask, a gradient is used to make a virtual process from inside to outside. Again Gaussian blur, to a natural degree.

7, add a background, complete the final effect.

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