Photoshop tips for quick whitening of character teeth

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This tutorial uses selections to whiten teeth. Simple process: First use the teeth of the selection, a lot of masks, pens and so on can be. Then copy the tooth parts to a single layer. Finally, the use of color tools to adjust the white can.


  The final effect of the Photoshop tutorial

1, use the quick mask to locate the tooth:

The part we want to fix is the character's teeth, so in order not to affect the rest of the picture, we first have to select the teeth of mm and exclude other parts.

There are many ways to create a constituency, and today we use the Quick Mask tool to make a choice. Its main advantage is that it is simple, fast, and suitable for local constituencies.

First, in order to prevent misoperation, press the "CTRL+J" key combination to copy the background layer. Then, locate the Quick Mask tool button at the bottom of the toolbar on the left, and then click it to enter the quick mask mode of work.

In this mode of work to ensure that the background color is black, press the "Ctrl+backspace" key combination, at this time the entire screen will be filled with red, indicating that no elements of the screen is selected. Next, use the Brush tool to set the foreground color to white and set the lower brush opacity and flow (41% in this case, 46% for flow), smear the position of the tooth in the diagram, and the red part of the tooth disappears after the smear, indicating that the tooth has been selected.

2. Once we click the Quick Mask Tool button again, we return to normal working mode, PS will automatically generate a tooth selection for us.

3. In order to facilitate operation, in the case of maintaining the constituency, we follow the mask button in the Layers panel to generate a mask for the background copy layer, which is protected in exactly the same range as the tooth selection in the left image.

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