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Copying is the quickest way to learn. However, there are a lot of preparation before copying: First, the original works of detailed decomposition, composition, materials, fonts, colors, etc. to understand clearly, and then collect similar material, layer to depict can.

Final effect

Below, look at the comparison between a picture and a cottage map. The image on the left is the original image and the right picture is the cottage.

1, first build a new document. As with the previous two tutorials, the dimensions are still 600x882 pixels. Create a gradient adjustment layer with the following parameters.

2, put in the city we provide materials, masks.

3, in the form of clipping masks, create a hue/saturation adjustment layer, the parameters are as follows.

4, create a level adjustment layer, the same as in the form of clipping masks.

5, choose to live in the city layer, hue/saturation adjustment layer and level adjustment layer, ctrl+g create layer groups, and copy layer groups, merge groups, perform a high contrast retention filter, the parameters are as follows, and change the layer blending mode to overlay.

6, put into our nebula material, add mask fusion, I used two, one in the middle of the right, one in the middle of the upper, change the two nebula material layer of the blending mode for color filter.

7, put in our second nebula material, placed in the lower left corner, add masks, fusion, the same, change the layer blending mode for color filtering.

8, below, add a third nebula material, add mask fusion, drop position as shown in the figure, change the layer blending mode to overlay.

9, put in the fourth Nebula material, placed in the upper left, add mask fusion, change the layer blending mode to linear dodge (add).


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