Photoshop to create a dream purple tune course

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The tonal approach of the Photoshop tutorial is unique. Basically do not need to adjust the tonal tool, only need to reverse the photo, and then adjust the layer blending mode properly, you can get the purple effect. method is very quick.


Final effect

1, open the original material.

2. Create a reversed-phase adjustment layer, and then create a reverse adjustment layer after you make sure. The second inverse adjustment layer blending mode to "lightness", the effect of the following figure.

3, create a new layer, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + E-stamped layer. Remove the two reversed-phase adjustment layers you just created, return to the stamped layer, add the layer mask, and rub the face and skin parts with a black brush, and the effect is shown below.

4, a new layer, stamped layer. Execution: filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, numerical custom. When you are sure to change the layer blending mode to "soft light", add the layer mask and use a black brush to erase the skin parts of the character.

5. Adjust the hair difference of the soft light layer with the curve, improve the color saturation and finish the final result.

Final effect:

    • PS Palette Tutorial
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