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The night is not only the camera automatic white balance under the blue and orange, and not only starlight; this time, we will show you how to make a brisk fairy summer evening without wasting the quality of HDR.


Original film:

Focus on the interpretation of a

Automatic white balance erase the sense of hierarchy

While many of today's cameras have preset sunny and cloudy settings and automatic white balance, you'll find them more practical in outdoor sunlight. At night, these fool-like white balance settings become less force.

For example, our eyes see the sky is a blue-purple gradient to red, of course, the house's external walls will never be really dark blue, but with the automatic white balance shooting, we are likely to obtain as a picture,

A picture without layers of blue.

Focus on the interpretation of the second

A single picture caused by insufficient exposure

Of course, another reason why the picture is not good enough is the lack of exposure or excessive exposure. Shooting outdoors at night, in order to ensure that the main building is not overexposed, we will reduce the exposure value,

You'll get a picture with too many dark parts in the picture below. Normally, we'll teach you how to use HDR later, but this usually requires you to take enough different exposure photos,

Or use the later production of the quality of wear;

This time, just a simpler way to get what you wanted.

Correct the colors and make the picture brighter:

Create a new layer copy and pull up the curve adjustment tool. Use the Black Eyedropper tool to draw the dark part of the screen, and then select the third White eyedropper tool to draw the brightest part of the screen,

Finally, use the middle eyedropper tool to draw the part that should be gray, so that we can get a picture that is calibrated to the color. To make the calibrated image more natural,

We chose to reduce the opacity of the layer.

Highlight the strongest color contrast places:

We found the most conspicuous part of the whole picture-the one with the red light on it, especially in the blue screen, and we have to make good use of it. Circle to select the approximate range of this door,

and feather (feather value in 30-60); Continue using the Curve tool to increase its contrast appropriately; and then use the color order to make the area brighter. If you want to change the color effect of it,

You can try to use the color Balance command.

Gradient out of the richest color:

Simple to deal with the overall brightness and color of the screen, you can also be based on the effect of Circle way zoning adjustment. Finally, in order to make some more warm colors in the picture with Sky blue,

We chose to create a new gradient fill layer, set the foreground color to #356138, set the background color to #fa9600, and change the layer overlay mode to "color Dodge".

Make a beautiful contrast between yellow red and blue.

There must be no noise at night:

PS Small plug-in Perfect noise reduction

1. Into the "image-Calculation" command, we will be here to calculate the picture in the Blue channel section, this channel usually has the most noise, we choose this channel for noise reduction processing.

2. Open the Filter menu, click Find Edge, select the edge of the entire blue channel, and make the edge feel softer with Gaussian blur.

This step is to keep the sharpness of the edges in order to reduce noise.

3. Enter the channel, hold down the "CTRL" Key and click on the ALPHA1 channel to get the constituency. Back to the layer, and then use Kodak four plug-ins in the noise reduction plug-ins smooth noise, while ensuring the details of sharpness.

4. Back to the channel, click on the Alpha1 channel, and hold down the panel below the dotted Circle button (the channel as a selection load), back to the level version click Add Vector template,

The purpose of this step is to retrieve the sharpness of the edges of the object before noise reduction.

Final effect!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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