Photoshop to create a portrait of skin texture

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Photoshop to create a portrait of skin texture

This tutorial mainly to a foreign mm to carry out grinding operations, the character to perform intensive treatment, tutorials are all to provide ideas, which used to plug the filter neat image grinding, as well as some skin texture processing, not only good to retain the texture of the skin, and the effect of grinding skin is very delicate. The author uses the filter to make the texture part of the skin, and then uses the Palette tool to strengthen the skin texture, so the method is very practical.


1, open the picture, duplicate a layer, with the repair Brush tool and stamp tool to repair a beautiful face acne, this needs patience (figure I).

Figure I

Figure II

2, duplicate a layer, with your best method of grinding skin, I use the neat image filter (figure II).

3, click the application after the implementation: fade neat image80%, and then add layer mask, with a black brush to the lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, etc. do not need to rub the part of the skin out (figure III).

Figure Three

4, stamped layer, execution: filter-sharpening-intelligent sharpening, parameters such as Figure Four.

Figure Four

Figure Five

5, stamped layer, execution: filters-Other-custom, parameters such as Figure Five.

Figure Six

6, click to determine after the implementation: fade from 60%, reduce the opacity of the layer, and then add a layer mask, with a black brush to some of the excessive sharpness of the part of the wipe out (Figure VI).

7, stamped layer, press CTRL + ALT + 2 to bring up the high light selection, appropriate narrowing, feather selection, new solid fill layer, fill white, layer mode "soft light", opacity 40%, add some light to the skin (figure seven).

Figure Seven

Figure Eight

8. Use Ellipse tool to draw two selections on the cheek of the characters, feather 10 pixels, create a new solid color fill layer, fill #c57f8b, layer mode "soft light", and apply a faint blush to the face (Figure eight).

Figure Nine

9, with the Pen tool at the edge of the face to draw a map of the path, into the selection after feathering 20 pixels, new solid-color fill layer, fill #c2b9b6, layer mode for "multiply", opacity 20%, add a little sense of three-dimensional (figure nine).

Figure 10

10, tick out the lip selection, feather 3 pixels, new solid color fill layer, fill #aa5765, layer mode for "soft light", opacity 60%, add lipstick to the character (Figure 10).

11, tick out the eye shadow selection, feather 10 pixel, new solid color fill layer, fill #b17973, layer mode for "linear deepen", opacity 10%, deepen eye shadow (Figure 11).

Figure 11

Figure 12

12, stamped layer. Because the high light part of the skin loses some detail when it is worn, we have to find a way to fix the lost details. Execution: Image-Calculation, parameter settings as shown in Figure 12.

13, after the calculation of the channel panel more than an Alpha 1 channel, which is the image of the High light section, the alpha channel to perform three times: image-Application image, parameter settings such as Figure 13.

Figure 13

14, to the alpha channel execution: Filters – Artistic effects – painting daub, parameters such as Figure 13.

Final effect

15, loaded into the alpha 1 channel of the constituency, click on the RGB channel back to the layers board, the layer 4 copy a layer, with the selection directly with the mask, and then the Layer 4 copy of the execution curve (not in the mask to perform the curve), slightly lighter, and then stamped layer, to lip lipstick, and finally the overall adjustment, Finish (Figure 15, final effect).

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